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S  E  R  V  I  C  E  S

Following is a brief description of some of our services.


Stereolithography machines convert three-dimensional CAD data of physical objects into vertical stacks of slices. An ultraviolet laser beam is then carefully traced across a vat of photocurable liquid polymer, producing a single layer of solidified resin -- the first slice of the object under construction. The initial layer is then lowered incrementally by the height of the next slice, whereupon the layer is recoated with resin and another is traced on top of it. This procedure is repeated until the entire part is fabricated. Stereolithography is the most accurate of the RP processes.

Selective Laser Sintering

The Selective Laser Sintering process utilizes a powdered material to create prototypes. As the SLS process begins, a thin layer of heat fusible powder is deposited into a work space container. The layer is then heated to just below its melting point. The first layer of the part is then fused to a solid mass using a heat generating laser. The laser only sinters the powder in areas defined by the cad data. Another layer of powder is then deposited on top of the previous layer, fused and repeated until the part is completed.

Do you need multiples? (the RTV process)

If multiple copies of your design are desired, we can supply you with urethane castings using the stereolithography model as a pattern. This process consists of creating a simple mold box, and pouring RTV (room temperature vulcanization) rubber around the master to create a cavity.

Once the mold is created 20-30 parts can be cast in a variety of urethane materials designed to mimic production injection mold materials. Texturing and color matching is also available.

Do you need metal castings?

We will provide metal prototype parts in a variety of metals using the following processes:

  • Sandcast (loose pattern)
  • Plastercast (also known as simulated diecast)
  • Investment cast (using Quickcast patterns)

The process used to create your metal parts will vary depending on your needs. Each process has its own niche. Call, we are here to help!

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