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R  A  P  I   D     Q  U  O   T  E  !

We can handle data transfer in a variety of formats including but not limited to:

  • CD
  • 100M Zip Drive (PC)
  • 3.5 floppy
  • FTP transfer
  • E-mail attachment

Would you like a quote on your next rapid prototyping project? Please provide the following information when requesting a quote. It will help us respond more quickly.

To whom do we direct this quotation?

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City: State:
Zip Code:
E-Mail: @

We can give you the most competitive quote if you provide us with the part volume, overall dimensions or an electronic file with this information. If not available, a quote can also be generated from the following:

  • A Dimensioned print.
  • PRO/E.prt, STL files or IGES files 2d, 3d.

The preferred format of the file that you send is the .zip format. This format will insure that the file is not damaged, and also helps to reduce the size of the file being sent. For a list of software that allows you to create the .zip format, visit this site.

You will only be able to submit this form to us if the size of the file that you send does not exceed 4MB. If the file is larger than 4MB, use our FTP server to submit the file, and note this in the comments section below, so that we can find it as soon as possible after this form is submitted. Instructions for accessing our FTP server can be found in the section to the left of this form.

Will a file be attached?

Yes: No:

If yes, please use the field provided below titled "File" to find the file on your computer, and it will be sent with your form information to us. **Warning: The larger the file is, the longer it will take for this form to process. If you are including a file, please be patient while it is being sent to us.


Please provide any special instructions, i.e. colors, finish requirements, or critical dimensional issues.

When do you need the finished models?

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