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Somos® 8110 Epoxy Photopolymer

DSM Somos® 8110 is a high-speed liquid photopolymer that produces flexible, high-impact-strength, accurate parts using stereolithography machines. It has a wide processing latitude and excellent tolerance to a wide temperature and humidity range during and after build. This material is especially useful in functional applications where flexibility and impact-strength are critical requirements (e.g., plastic bottles, packaging, automobile panels, electronic enclosures, medical products, and snap-fit parts).

WaterClear 10120 Epoxy Photopolymer

DSM Somos® 10120 is a high-speed liquid photo-polymer that produces strong, rigid and durable parts with optical clarity using stereolithography machines. This material is especially useful in applications requiring optical clarity such as fluid flow analysis, stress analysis, and light pipes. Other applications include those that provide strong and durable product without the brittleness normally associated with a rigid stereolithography resin.

Cibatool® SL 5170

SL 5170 is a one-component, low viscosity, epoxy based, photo curable liquid resin. It is designed for use in the stereolithography process, especially on HeCd laser-based SLA systems. SL 5170 is a tough, stable, highly versatile resin which can produce concept models, working prototypes, and patterns for shell investment casting.

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