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Since 1990, MPI has built thousands of SLA prototypes and supplied many more cast parts in urethane, aluminum, and zinc. MPI has grown through its commitment to producing high quality models at reasonable costs, and meeting project deadlines.

Rapid Prototyping

Rapid prototyping converts concepts into handheld reality. Rapid Prototyping processes assist in reducing the time to market and the product being developed or redesigned. This simple factor of reducing time in the product development cycle positively affects the bottom line.


Stereolithography is a three dimensional process that produces a solid plastic model. The process involves automating a laser beam to draw cross sections of the model onto the surface of photo-curable liquid resin.

Utilization of stereolithography will have a positive impact on your company's competitive edge and bottom line by greatly reducing the time it takes to get your product to the market, and by reducing costs.

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Rapid Prototyping


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MPI has built a reputation for supplying high quality prototypes on time.